Episode 10: Denny Salas

We sit down with Democratic County Committee Representative, Denny Salas this week. This is a full roundtable show. We open the show discussing last weeks events centering on the group of freshman congresswomen known as “The Squad” and their clashing with Speaker Pelosi, a divide that Trump tried to widen with his racist “go back” tweets, which seem to backfire on him, but the party divide still remains heading towards 2020. Next we tap into Education reform in America. A very large and complex topic which Denny’s experience working for a charter school in the Bronx, helps to shed some light on how we can make sure we are seeing better results in our schools, while also preparing the youth of this country for the jobs and industries of the future. Education roundtable starts @ 46:46

Episode 9: Samantha Barghout + Hal Moore

We sit down with guests entrepreneur and founder of @allschooladult, Samantha Barghout and writer/teacher/ crossword puzzle extraordinaire Hal Moore this week. This is a full roundtable show. We open the show briefly discussing education in America and some spaces where improvement is needed. Then diving into our main topic which is the first Democratic Presidential Debates of the 2020 Elections. Who won, who lost, what was Marianne Williamson even saying? We breakdown each night in Miami, tapping into how these initial debates will help to shape the future of the Democratic Primaries. Debate Roundtable starts @ 19:05

Episode 8: Blake Rice

We sit down with filmmaker and co-host of The Cold Read Podcast, Blake Rice this week. With the justified uproar surrounding multiple states passing unconstitutional anti-abortion laws, some in which don’t make exemptions for rape and/or incest - we tap into the Republican strategy surrounding the issue, the oncoming long battle in the courts to protect Roe vs. Wade and is this concerted effort by Republicans a losing one for the upcoming presidential election? Our 2020 highlight includes the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary and how those first two contests can help make or break presidential bid dreams. Roundtable starts @ 25:12

Episode 7: Keshia Hannam

We sit down with writer/speaker/activist and co-founder of Camel Assembly, Keshia Hannam this week. Keshia was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Australia and lived in London before recently settling in NYC. With Keshia’s international perspective we tap into America’s health care system and how it differs from other first world countries, as well as recent calls for reform and how Obamacare has been effected in the Trump era. Our 2020 highlight includes are the Dems putting all their eggs in one basket? And should some of the two dozen plus presidential nominees be running for senate in purple states? Roundtable starts @ 23:55

Episode 6: Lenny Emery

We sit down with multimedia entrepreneur Lenny Emery this week. First touching on Lenny’s work with special needs persons, before tapping into our main topic of the monetization of global warming in the arctic. We discuss how the US, Russia and China are all jotting for strategic position as ice caps melt uncovering oil, precious minerals and new waterways for shipping containers. Our 2020 highlight includes Elizabeth Warren’s recent bounce back in the polls and can she make a comeback? Round table starts @ 20:34

Episode 5: Sam Haft + Julian Golfarini

We sit down with filmmaker/comedian Sam Haft and former media political consultant Julian Golfarini. This is our first full round table show where our guest sit in on the entire conversation. We discuss the future of social media in our elections and political discourse while tapping into what we can do, if anything, to stop the malicious spread of disinformation/propaganda. Our 2020 highlight includes Joe Biden announcing his bid for president. 
2020 highlight starts @ 11:20
Social Media in politics starts @ 38:45

Episode 4: Sharon Marrero

We sit down with photographer Sharon Marrero and discuss the #abolishICE movement and tap into Sharon’s family history of immigration and dealing with immigration law enforcement in the United States. Our 2020 highlight includes the Mueller report, the political showdown now surrounding it and the potential fall out for Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Round table starts @ 18:00

Episode 3: Louis Melendez + Morlene Chin of @TrumptheFoodie

We sit down with Louis Melendez and Morlene Chin of the political satire foodie account @TrumptheFoodie. We flip the show a bit and discuss with them, who in the 2020 democratic field has the best chance of beating the titular character of their Instagram account, Donald Trump. The show’s opening segment includes Israel’s PM Netanyahu aligning himself with the radical Kahanist party and the American cultural and political fallout. Round table starts @ 17:50

Episode 2: Yelda Ali

We sit down with Camel Assembly founder Yelda Ali to discuss her family’s story as Afghani refugees in the 1980s and tap into the Trump administration’s current isolationists policies and xenophobic rhetoric around this worldwide crisis. Our 2020 highlight includes Beto O’Rourke’s presidential run announcement and is Andrew Gillum ready? Round table starts @ 21:29