All in Beto O'Rourke

Episode 7: Keshia Hannam

We sit down with writer/speaker/activist and co-founder of Camel Assembly, Keshia Hannam this week. Keshia was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Australia and lived in London before recently settling in NYC. With Keshia’s international perspective we tap into America’s health care system and how it differs from other first world countries, as well as recent calls for reform and how Obamacare has been effected in the Trump era. Our 2020 highlight includes are the Dems putting all their eggs in one basket? And should some of the two dozen plus presidential nominees be running for senate in purple states? Roundtable starts @ 23:55

Episode 2: Yelda Ali

We sit down with Camel Assembly founder Yelda Ali to discuss her family’s story as Afghani refugees in the 1980s and tap into the Trump administration’s current isolationists policies and xenophobic rhetoric around this worldwide crisis. Our 2020 highlight includes Beto O’Rourke’s presidential run announcement and is Andrew Gillum ready? Round table starts @ 21:29